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Web Development

We provide professional services with our years of experience in the field of web software.

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Strategy Consulting

With strategy consulting, we aim to grow your brand by providing special service to your brand.

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Customer Support

No support limit time! Support any time, every hour, every day at Tuxi!

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High Security Server

We build your brand confidence roof by storing your files on our servers.

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  • Do you support through my current system?

    We usually support your current system, but sometimes it is not possible to understand the structure of some software due to the complex coding of its producers, so we can say that we provide the development of the software according to the structure of the software.

  • Do you have help with technical problems?

    Our technical support is always full support! If you are using a software / system that we do, you can always get free support, if you use another software and you want to get special technical service, our support varies according to the software.

  • How does your software production stages work?

    In our software production phase, the needs are usually addressed, and then we examine what we will offer and what we are targeting in the software by removing the entire structure of the software. then we start our work in line with the needs of the brand.

  • How can I get shelter on your servers?

    We usually offer shelter service to our customers. however, if only housing is desired, you may or may not receive it. For detailed information: Contact

  • Are your corporate solutions brand specific?

    Yes, our corporate solutions are always provided for the brand / person.

  • I have a project, can I tell you?

    Of course you can tell. All of information shared with us remains private. We always support startups or new initiatives and stand behind you as TuxiSoft.

How it Works?How do we work? It is not possible to tell this in detail. However, we can talk about what we do by summarizing.
Planning and Analysis

By planning and analyzing, we examine the missing and requests of the project. Then we gradually list the things to be done and start our work.

Operation and Working

After starting our work, we regularly keep in touch with you, share which stage we are and what we do, and receive your requests and opinions.

Delivery and technical support

We perform the necessary installation procedures and open your service actively, then we provide technical support and inform you about the operation of the system.